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Finding a great school for your child is one of the most important roles you play as a parent. What kind of school will serve your child best? Should you send your child to public or private school? What do you need to do to get into a great school?

As the founder of GreatSchools, I’ve been helping parents find great schools for their children for 20 years. Here are a few articles you might start with:

Find a Great-Fit School for Your Child

New Program!
This summer, I’m launching a new program that guides parents through the process of finding a great-fit school for their child. With this program, I don’t just give you the information you need to find a school you’re happy with — I guarantee you’ll find one or your money back!

Each month, you’ll get a new 20 minute audio or video recording focused on these topics:

  • June: What do you really want out of a school? What matters most?
  • July: What kind of kid do you have? What kind of school do they need?
  • August: What kinds of schools should you consider and how do you get in?
  • September: Create your list of possible schools. Also, financial aid demystified.
  • October: How to tour a school: Get beneath the surface and find the truth.
  • November: Dig deeper into different kinds of schools and their pros and cons.
  • December: Which schools will be best for your child? Develop your final list.
  • January: Write a great private school application and stand out from the crowd.
  • February: The many ways to succeed: stories of families finding their way.
  • March: Decide among your options:Which school will be best for your child?

Each month, I also hold group calls for participants — ask me any question and I’ll answer it.

This program is designed for parents anywhere in the world looking for public or private elementary, middle, or high schools in the U.S. Sign up here to get more information as soon as it becomes available:

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