Parent Facilitators


Parent Facilitators (two per grade at each Raise Ready Kids partner school) have a unique opportunity to help parents in their children’s classrooms learn from each other and strengthen relationships.

What parent facilitators do

During the course of the school year, each parent facilitator leads a small breakout group during 2-3 virtual parent discussions, 30-60 minutes, each. Most are held at 8pm local time, while two of them (“National Conversations”) are held at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Parent Facilitators are not expected to be knowledgeable about their session’s subject matter. Rather, with the support of Raise Ready Kids, their role is to act as discussion catalyzers and facilitators.

How virtual discussions work

Discussions begin with a general introduction (~10 minutes) provided by a Raise Ready Kids staff member. Thereafter, each Parent Facilitator leads a breakout session of 4-8 people – usually same-grade parents at their own school.

These breakout sessions offer opportunities for small groups of parents to share experiences, questions, and strategies related to that month’s Raise Ready Kids Audio Briefing topic. The goal is to strengthen parent relationships and provide mutual support, as well as to exchange useful information.

Parent Facilitators who can attend a third session will have the opportunity to lead a similarly-sized breakout group that includes parents from Raise Ready Kids schools across the country.

Raise Ready Kids provides resources and support

Before their first session, Parent Facilitators watch a brief, 10-15 minute video (on their own time) to orient them to the Raise Ready Kids program and the role of Parent Facilitators. In addition, about a week before a scheduled facilitation, Raise Ready Kids sends Parent Facilitators suggested questions they can use to prompt discussion in their group.

Parent facilitator perks

Parent Facilitators receive early access to emerging Raise Ready Kids content, and have the opportunity to provide feedback that helps shape future content.

They also have the opportunity to schedule a personal advising session with Bill Jackson, founder of Raise Ready Kids, to discuss any parenting and schooling-related topics on their mind.

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