Raise Ready Kids Pilot Program for Elementary Schools

The Coronavirus is forcing schools and families to adapt in ways unimaginable just a few months ago. Parents who work inside or outside the home are struggling to balance their jobs with their new role as home learning specialist. Learning online can be difficult, especially for younger children.

At the same time, this pandemic offers unexpected opportunities. Educators are getting experience with online learning strategies and tools that will be a valuable asset going forward. Parents are getting to know their children better, and they’re getting their own crash course in how to support their children’s learning.

At Raise Ready Kids, we see this crisis as an opportunity for schools to launch a new kind of partnership with families. Children’s learning has always been highly dependent on what happens at home as well as at school. As we emerge from this crisis, we have a rare opportunity to re-imagine how teachers and parents work together to inspire and support children in their social-emotional and academic learning journey.

Raise Ready Kids is looking for elementary schools that would like to pilot the Raise Ready Kids program, a new approach to building parents’ capacity to support their children’s learning at home. Featuring monthly audio briefings and virtual meetups for parents, Raise Ready Kids helps parents partner with teachers to raise children with the knowledge, skills, character, and purpose they need to thrive. The program is free to schools during the pilot year.

Please contact Raise Ready Kids founder Bill Jackson at bill@raisereadykids.com to learn more about this opportunity.