Raise Ready Kids Empowers Parents…


Raising kids today is no walk in the park. Parenting is an incomparable journey undertaken with great hope for the future. But it’s not easy. Children are increasingly prone to anxiety. Fewer than half of students acquire the academic skills they’ll need at a four-year university. Many young adults struggle to find purpose and launch independent lives.

But, you’ve got this! What if you had access to the very best insights into how to raise children with the social-emotional and academic skills they’ll need to thrive? What if these insights were provided to you in digestible chunks each month—so you have the information you need before problems arise?

Welcome to Raise Ready Kids. We partner with schools to provide you with the parenting strategies you really need to know, before you need them. We’ll send you monthly, grade-specific, 15-20-minute “audio briefings”—and you can listen any time you want. Learn evidence-based strategies for preventing anxiety, fostering empathy, nourishing curiosity, and much more. Then, share tips and support in virtual discussions with parents in your child’s grade. Learn more about how Raise Ready Kids works or learn more about the content.

“More offense, less defense.” Armed with a steady stream of high-impact strategies—along with insights from other parents at your school—you’ll be able to spend more time playing “offense” (proactively fostering your child’s well-being and learning engagement) and less time playing “defense” (e.g. dealing with mental health challenges or an unmotivated child).

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