Raise Ready Kids Empowers Schools…


Schools depend on parents to help children develop the mindsets and character strengths that underlie success at school as well as in life. What if you had a partner who could help you inspire and guide parents to play their best role?

Welcome to Raise Ready Kids, an education program for parents of children in preschool and elementary school, designed to help schools unlock the full potential of parents as co-educators. We help schools get parents and teachers “on the same page” to support children’s holistic development—without increasing the burden on teachers or administrators.

Well-Informed Parents. Parents receive monthly, grade-specific audio briefings (15-20 minutes) and participate in virtual discussions with peers to practice and share insights. Raise Ready Kids puts wind at the back of teachers by informing parents about the science of learning, teaching foundational parenting strategies, and guiding parents to work effectively with teachers. The result is better collaboration and less conflict. Learn more about how Raise Ready Kids works or learn more about the content.

As Easy As You Need It To Be. Schools introduce the program and Raise Ready Kids takes it from there. Teachers have the opportunity to reinforce key ideas with parents, as well as to participate in occasional, online professional development that helps them foster productive relationships with parents.

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