Welcome. I’m Bill Jackson, the writer, teacher, parent, and entrepreneur behind Raise Ready Kids.

I first got interested in learning when I was about 10. My father taught me about electronic circuits and radios. I built an alarm clock from a kit and got my ham radio license.

At about the same time, I started taking “grown-up” books from my parents’ shelves and devouring them. Books like The Amazing Universe published by the National Geographic Society and The Best and the Brightest by journalist David Halberstam opened new worlds and set me on a question-asking spree that continues to this day.

After college, I taught English in China and middle school history in the U.S. While my Chinese school emphasized rote learning, my U.S. middle school emphasized creativity and curiosity. This set off a lifelong quest to better understand how people learn.

As a Coro Fellow in San Francisco, I worked for then-superintendent Ramon Cortines, exploring why some low-performing schools were improving while others were not. One major factor: The improving schools were enlisting parents in the cause, inspiring and guiding them to support their children’s learning.

I founded GreatSchools in 1998 to provide parents with information they need to choose the best school for their child and support their child’s learning. GreatSchools has since grown into the leading national school and education guide, reaching about half of U.S. parents each year.

After I left GreatSchools in 2016, I chose to rededicate myself to helping parents play their best role in their children’s learning and development.

I believe building a learning culture at home is the most powerful way parents can support their children’s learning success. Children internalize curiosity and persistence when they see these values being practiced at home every day.

Here at Raise Ready Kids, I study the art and science of building a learning culture at home, learning from wise parents and tapping insights from experts. Then I share what I’m learning in my articles and email newsletters.

Learning is one of life’s great pleasures. I’m here to help parents plant the seeds of lifelong learning in their children, seeds that will sprout in unpredictable and wonderful ways for many years to come.