Who we are. Raise Ready Kids is a social enterprise that fosters parent-school collaboration aimed at preparing children to lead purposeful, impactful lives. We partner with schools to provide parents with a steady stream of evidence-based strategies, inspiring them to cultivate home cultures that promote social-emotional and intellectual growth. In addition, we host virtual discussion groups that provide parents with opportunities to share insights and support each other. Learn more in our FAQ.

Why this matters. In the U.S. today, young adults too often struggle to build meaningful relationships and find success in upwardly mobile careers—in other words, to “launch” their lives. Parents and schools too often fail to work together effectively to help children acquire the full range of knowledge, skills, character, and purpose they need to thrive.

Hi, I’m Bill Jackson, the writer, teacher, parent, and entrepreneur behind Raise Ready Kids. With over 20 years of experience of supporting parents in their quest for an excellent education for their children, I’m channeling my experience and passion into this innovative new effort to help parents and schools collaborate to prepare children to lead purposeful, impactful lives.

Photo of Raise Ready Kids founder Bill JacksonBefore founding Raise Ready Kids, I founded and led GreatSchools—the nation’s leading school and education guide. I believe building a learning culture at home is the most important thing parents do to prepare their children to thrive as adults. There’s no one “secret” to raising a ready kid—it’s the thousand small things parents do every day that add up to a powerful influence on children’s mindsets, knowledge, and skills.

Previously, I taught at the K-12 and college level in the US and China and helped start and grow two technology companies in Silicon Valley. I hold a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale University and am the proud father of two daughters in college.