Hi, I’m Bill Jackson.

I’m a parent, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m best known for founding GreatSchools, the leading guide to U.S. K–12 schools. Now I’m on a quest to help parents raise children who are set up for success in life.

What kind of world will our children grow up into? Will they be able to get good jobs? Will they have good lives?

As parents, we all have these questions. And while we can’t control the future, we can give our children a strong foundation. We can help them acquire the character, knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose they will need to thrive.

My Mission

I founded Raise Ready Kids to help parents answer a critical question: How should we raise our children? I study the art and science of parenting, learning from wise educators and parents, and tapping insights from philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science. I’m interested in fundamental questions like: Where does character come from? How does the human brain develop? How does motivation arise?

Then, I help parents learn about how best to support their children’s success. What are the best ways to help children develop strong character and a sense of purpose? How can parents help their children acquire essential knowledge and skills?

My Services

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In addition, I am in the process of developing a program that helps parents raise kids with the knowledge, skills, character, and purpose they need to thrive. Currently, a pilot program is available through elementary school partners. Please contact me at bill@raisereadykids.com to learn more.