What Parents Learn ARCHIVE


The insights you’ll gain in the Raise Ready Kids program span a range of topics, organized by theme and grade level. Each grade level touches every theme across the school year. For more detail by month and grade, see our Program Calendar.

  • Partner. How to work with your child’s school and teachers to support your child’s development. How learners differ, culturally, and what that means for the school-family relationship. How to collaborate with teachers in moments of challenge.
    Listen to a clip from Collabo-Iterate (Preschool 3-4, 1m25s)
  • Listen. How to listen to and observe your child to set the stage for a strong relationship and powerful influence. How to identify your child’s true emotions beneath the surface, help them work through difficult situations, and learn to take the perspectives of others.
    Listen to a clip from Conversation (Kindergarten, 1m13s)
  • Talk. What to say to your child to stimulate their social, emotional, and cognitive growth, and foster their desire to learn. How to know when to ask questions and when to give advice. How to use your voice and choose your words to match the moment, whether feeding your child’s curiosity or asking them to change their behavior.
    Listen to a clip from Roots of Inclusion Preschool 3-4, 2m09s)
  • Read.How to engage with books to enrich your child’s life and raise a child who chooses to read for pleasure. How books support the development of a broad knowledge base for your child and help them develop broad perspectives.
    Listen to a clip from Book Club Culture 1 (Kindergarten, 1m33s)
  • Curate.How to cultivate a home environment that facilitates learning. How to let family culture do the heavy lifting. How to root your child in family traditions, practices, and routines that shape their character and self-identity as learners.
    Listen to a clip from Screen Weaving (Kindergarten, 1m48s)
  • Play. How to leverage play to foster social and emotional learning and problem-solving skills, as well as spark new interests. How play builds a foundation for intellectual growth. How to engage with friends and neighbors to foster children’s independence.
    Listen to a clip from Sparking Interest (Grade 3, 2m54s)
  • Anchor. How to set the stage for your child’s success by first focusing attention on your own mindsets and behaviors. How to nourish your child’s sense of their “Big Self.” How to be your child’s most powerful role model.
    Listen to a clip from Spiritual Mentoring (Preschool 4-5, 2m07s)