What Matters Most About Schools: What Young Adults Say

When a colleague and I asked a few dozen young adults to reflect on what mattered most to them about their K–12 school experiences, we heard some wonderful stories. We distilled the hours of conversations into two minutes to give you a sense of what young people say about schools.

Listen to these young adults carefully, and you’ll hear that they’re talking about the Raise Ready Kids Big Three School Quality Factors: Program, Teaching, and Culture.

  • Program. What kinds of learning experiences do children have at the school, and what is the quality of those experiences?
  • Teaching. How good are teachers at designing and delivering instruction? How good are they at building relationships?
  • Culture. What habits and values do children absorb as they participate in the life of the school? How do students, teachers, and parents participate in the community?

Young adults are in a great position to reflect on what matters most about K–12 schools. Their memories are fresh and they have some life experience to draw on. Listen and heed their insights as you consider which schools would serve your own child well.

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What Matters Most About Schools: What Young Adults Say